Welcome to Brighterway live institute. We offer a unique one of a kind experience that provides the comprehensive dental surgical training you need, in addition to the live hands on experience with live patients. This is the most comprehensive experience available in the United States today.

CEO of brighterway institute

Dr. Kris Volcheck

Clinicians travel from coast to coast across the US to learn implant placement, perform complete full arch rehabilitation, and much more. The diverse selection of training we offer allows you to expand your knowledge base with a exactly what you clinically desire. View our course selection today and find what training course is right for you. By registering for one of our courses you will automatically be provided a short term dental license during your training program. This provides you with the ability to execute the procedures of the course you choice on real live patients.

Here at Brighterway live institute we connect patients in need with clinicians looking to learn under the supervision of industry experts. We have a patient base of thousands of underserved adults and veterans that are in need of treatments. These pre-op records range from single implants to the need for full mouth rehabilitation utilizing Zygomatic implants. The best part of our program is when you participate in our courses you are simultaneously providing patients with treatments they wouldn’t otherwise receive while you expand your knowledge base.

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